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A significant portion of the orthotropic cracks present on the deck was effectively addressed through the application of steel plates for reinforcement. In the overall project, the turn-of-nut method was employed for securing bolts. This method involves achieving the desired level of tension in bolts by applying a specific rotation angle.

To ensure the bolts attained the targeted tension of 18 kilonewtons, the Skidmore-Wilhelm test device was utilized. This device enabled precise measurement and determination of the optimal angle required for achieving the desired tension. Subsequently, torque machines adjusted the bolts to the identified angle, ensuring uniformity across all bolts. By utilizing this approach, the reinforcement process relied on the frictional force generated from the pressure between the plates and the rib.


By implementing these techniques, the project successfully reinforced the affected areas, providing the necessary structural integrity and resistance against the occurrence or progression of cracks on the deck.

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