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Nunteknik was responsible for installing modular expansion joints manufactured by Maurer AG. The process involved several key steps, which are as follows:


1. Dismantling the existing joint: The existing joint on the bridge was carefully dismantled as part of the project.


2. Assembling reinforcement materials for the new joint: Preparation was made by gathering and assembling the necessary reinforcement materials required to install the new joint.


3. Installation of the new modular expansion joint: The new joint, designed as modular units, was installed in place of the old joint. Before commencing this process, reinforcement works were carried out, and both the deck and approaching viaducts were prepared accordingly.


The project was executed in distinct phases to minimize disruptions to traffic flow. The bridge was divided into four sections, and the work was completed in one phase while maintaining traffic movement in the remaining sections. By consistently following the same sequence of steps in each phase, the entire project was successfully concluded within 75 days.


This approach ensured that the installation of the new joints was executed efficiently and in a manner that did not significantly impede the regular operation of the bridge.

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