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The approach viaducts and bridge deck are exposed continuously to expansion and contraction. To meet this expansion movement on the pedestrian road, the viaduct and bridge deck move back and forth on the fixed plate just in front of the tower door. These fixed plates had to be replaced because they can no longer function. Our company undertook the replacement.


First, a 40 m2 platform was pulled by ground cranes on the pedestrian way, and a comfortable working environment was created. After the preparations were made, the lane was closed during the night shift, and a mobile crane was installed, and the plate weighing 2.5 tons was removed.


According to the factory measurements, the new plate was re-manufactured in one-to-one dimensions. The same method was followed and re-assembled. In this way, the project design, manufacturing, and assembly phases were done separately in four towers. The work was completed in approximately three months.

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