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The structure's approach viaducts and bridge deck are subject to continuous expansion and contraction due to various factors. To accommodate this movement on the pedestrian road, the viaducts and bridge deck are designed to move back and forth on fixed plates near the tower entrance. However, these fixed plates have reached a point where they can no longer perform their intended function, necessitating replacement. Our company took on the responsibility of executing this replacement project.


The initial step involved utilizing ground cranes to carefully position a 40 m2 platform on the pedestrian walkway, creating a safe and convenient working environment. Subsequently, during the night shift, the designated lane was temporarily closed to traffic, allowing for the installation of a mobile crane. This crane was then used to remove the plates weighing approximately 2.5 tons.


Based on precise measurements taken at the factory, new plates were manufactured to replicate the exact dimensions of the originals. The same method was followed for each tower, ensuring consistency and accuracy during the reassembly process. Consequently, the project encompassed distinct phases, including design, manufacturing, and assembly, which were individually executed for each of the four towers. Within approximately three months, the replacement works were completed.


Through the dedicated efforts of our company, the fixed plates responsible for accommodating expansion and contraction movements in the approach viaducts and bridge deck were effectively replaced, ensuring the overall structure's continued functionality and structural integrity.

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