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In 2014, Nunteknik undertook part of Bosphorus Bridge’s 40th Year Maintenance and Reinforcement Project. In the scope of this project, Nunteknik handled the following works:

  • Latitudinal and longitudinal reinforcement of bridge tower legs.

  • Repairment of orthotropic cracks on the bridge deck.

  • Installation of four seismic viscose dampers on the areas where deck and tower legs are approaching each other.

More than 100-ton IPE500 profiles were used per tower leg for reinforcement works. These profiles were erected within the tower legs, which are 5x7m wide, and towers were reinforced longitudinally from +3 to +27 elevation.


Latitudinal reinforcements were done in five different elevations from +42,5 to +149. For erection on +149 elevation, materials were lifted by crane inside the tower, and mountaineers screwed countersunk bolts from outside tower legs; 200 pcs of M22x120 bolts were screwed on each tower leg.

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