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In 2014, Nunteknik took on a significant portion of the Bosphorus Bridge's 40th Year Maintenance and Reinforcement Project. The scope of their involvement encompassed several crucial tasks, including:


1. Reinforcing the bridge tower legs in longitudinal and latitudinal directions.

2. Addressing orthotropic cracks on the bridge deck through necessary repairs.

3. Installing four seismic viscose dampers at locations where the bridge deck and tower legs come together.


To reinforce the tower legs, Nunteknik utilized IPE500 profiles weighing over 100 tons per leg. These profiles were carefully erected within the 5x7-meter wide tower legs. Longitudinal reinforcement of the towers spanned from the +3 to +27 elevation range.


Work was conducted at five elevations for the latitudinal reinforcements, ranging from +42.5 to +149. On the +149 elevation, materials were lifted into the tower using a crane, and skilled Rope Access Specialists from Nunteknik meticulously installed countersunk bolts from the outer sides of the tower legs. In total, 200 M22x120 bolts were screwed into each tower leg.


The collective efforts undertaken by Nunteknik as part of the project significantly contributed to the maintenance and reinforcement of the Bosphorus Bridge, ensuring its continued structural integrity and functionality.

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