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After the caissons were submerged into the sea for the construction of the Çanakkale Bridge, it became necessary to establish a Temporary Working Platform between the two towers. This platform would serve as a base for various activities, including placing containers, cranes, and equipment. Moreover, the installation of tower blocks would be facilitated through the cranes on this platform.


Our company played a vital role in supporting the assembly operations of the Temporary Working Platform, which was manufactured at a shipyard. This platform, weighing approximately 5,000 tons, was meticulously constructed to meet the project's requirements. Employing double shifts, work progressed day and night to ensure timely completion. Remarkably, within three months, the Temporary Working Platform was prepared for transportation on a pontoon.


Our company's efficient and diligent efforts contributed significantly to the successful development of the Temporary Working Platform. Its establishment will facilitate subsequent construction activities and enhance the overall progress of the Çanakkale Bridge project.

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