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The scope of the project entailed several vital components, including:


1. Construction of four reinforced concrete footbridges, each consisting of two spans, resulting in a total span length of 40 meters.


2. Fabrication and installation of approximately 130 tons of steel stairs and railings distributed across all footbridges.


3. Implementation of retaining wall construction.


The footbridge structures were designed to have a height of 6 meters and comprised 20 elevations. These elevations were constructed using a 5x8x1 meter raft foundation and were poured in a single operation utilizing a framed panel formwork system. The flooring was completed using reinforced concrete after accommodating the necessary openings with prestressed beams. For all reinforced concrete components, except for lean concrete, high-strength concrete with a durability of 100 years was utilized.


In addition to the footbridges, 16 steel stairs were installed, with four stairs on each pedestrian bridge. Furthermore, approximately 800 meters of steel railing were erected, with 200 meters allocated to each footbridge. All steel elements were coated with a hot-dip galvanized finish to ensure long-lasting durability.


This comprehensive project integrated the construction of reinforced concrete footbridges, installing steel stairs and railings, and implementation retaining walls, all aimed at providing safe and reliable pedestrian pathways with enhanced structural integrity.

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