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Within the scope of the Work;
- 4 reinforced concrete footbridges with two spans with a total span of 40 meters
- Fabrication and installation of 130 tons of steel stairs and railing in total
- Retaining wall construction work

A total of 20 elevations, 6 meters high, sitting on a 5x8x1 meter raft foundation, were built by pouring in one go with a framed panel formwork system. After passing the openings with prestressed beams, the flooring was made of reinforced concrete. 100-year strength concrete has been used in all ferrous concretes except lean concrete.
A total of 16 steel stairs, including four stairs on each pedestrian bridge, and a total of 800 meters of steel railing, 200 meters on each pedestrian bridge, were installed. All of the steel elements are erected with hot-dip galvanized coating.

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