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The Galata Bridge experienced a significant breakdown, resulting in its closure for two years. Nessac Ltd., the company responsible then, successfully undertook the repair project. As of now, the bridge wings are functioning flawlessly.


The project encompassed the following objectives:


1. Temporarily transferring the load of the four bridge wings to specially constructed steel-carrying platforms within the caisson.

2. Disassembling these platforms, relocating the load onto the bridge, and ensuring the system's proper functioning.


The project involved various tasks, including:


1. Identifying and removing damaged sections on the primary load-bearing steel structures of the bridge wings.

2. Replacing the damaged sections with new steel components through welding procedures.

3. Upgrading the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems to meet the requirements of the new setup.

4. Commissioning the revitalized system.


The repair was conducted on all four bascule bridge wings, weighing approximately 1500 tons. To facilitate the restoration, 600-ton steel was utilized for the necessary replacements.

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