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As the main contractor, we have constructed a school building in Istanbul, specifically in the Sancaktepe district, Yenidogan area. Spanning an area of 8,500 m2, the building comprises a basement, ground floor, and five additional floors. It has been designed with three blocks, each separated by dilatation joints.


Each block serves a different educational level, with one block dedicated to high school, another to middle school, and the third to primary school. The rough construction phase was efficiently completed within a remarkable four-month timeframe, while the entire project reached completion in just ten months. Our scope of work encompassed various aspects, including excavation, rough and fine construction works, electrical and mechanical installations, facade construction, as well as landscaping efforts. 


We are proud to have successfully executed these tasks, ensuring the delivery of a functional and aesthetically pleasing school building. Our dedicated team of professionals prioritized efficiency and quality throughout the project, resulting in the timely completion of each construction stage. By integrating our expertise in diverse construction areas, we created a conducive learning environment that meets the highest safety, functionality, and design standards.

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